Best Damascus knives

Best Damascus knives

Any knife, be it a hunting knife, camping knife or a survival knife, be it a chef knife or a filleting, pocket knife, it should be fine in its sharpness. Precision and accuracy should be seen in your cutting task. While cutting down fruits, peeling off vegetables, filleting fish, cutting and skinning hunting game- a perfect and fine in form knife is a must. That is why below is the collection of best and finest quality Damascus knives for you:

19″ Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass Bolster

Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass Bolster

This kukri knife is 88 dollars. Its blade is made from steel. This kukri knife is of 19.5 inches length. Its steel blade is 14 inches. It’s cutting blade is 12 inches. This knife gives enough strength and also durability to the person while cutting job. Common people and those individuals who are gone on specialized hunting tasks, this exclusive Damascus Kukri knife can serve them wonderfully.

Make your cutting job more refined and easier for you and this is what his kukri knife does!

Custom Hand Forged Damascus Knife Buffalo Horn Color Bone Handle 9 inches

This knife is 38 dollars. This knife contains an overall length of about 9 inches and it has line indented kind of blade. It has 4.5 inches in size cutting edge blade. Its bone handle length is 4.5 inches. This knife carries hardness up to 52 to 55. It is an exclusively designed hunting knife. With this knife, you can cut your big hunting games easily. Many people mess up with big games and tear their body parts and organs because they do not have proper finishing knife in their hands. This purely manufactured Damascus knife serve hunters properly.

Custom Handmade Damascus Tri Dagger Knife 10 inches

Custom Handmade Damascus Tri dagger Knife 10 inches

This dagger knife is 80 dollars. Use this knife for your survival. 10 inches is the overall length of this dagger knife. 5 inches is its handle length. Its weight is 1.7 lbs. and its carries hardness of 52 to 55. Dagger knife is a vital knife for hunters. For big games, this 10-inch knife is preferred. If one is hunting at more risky sites then this knife will serve great survival purpose for hunters. Big or small games will not attack you because you have this armor in your hands.

Custom Handmade Damascus Folding Knife Wood Color Sheet Handle 9 Inches

This folding knife is 55 dollars. This amazing Damascus knife is 9 inches in its overall length and 4.5 inches is the length of its steel blade. It is a compact in form folding knife. Use it as a pocket knife as well. This knife is recommended during camping tasks. It is hence a multi-functional knife that serves cutting, tearing, skinning, survival tasks. This folding knife can cut small wood sticks easily so that you can make some fire for yourself during the camp night. To cut fruits during camping, or shaving purpose, to hunt small animals, this pocket or a folding knife is enough for hunters. More best Damascus knives features and descriptions will be shared, which knife have appealed you most, let us know!

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