19″ Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass 19 Inches


Custom Handmade Machete knife (Kukri)
Materials; Damascus steel, leather sheath, Damascus Machete, hand forged steel, Damascus knife, Brass Bolster, Macarta Handle, Mosaic Pin, Inserting hole, 2 brass pins, everyday knife, gifting knife, hunting knife.

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SC-190/ SC-315


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19″ Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass 19 Inches

19″ Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass Bolster

Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass Bolster Sc- 315

19.5 inches overall length Damascus Steel Machete (kukri) knife
14 inches long Damascus steel blade with 12 inches cutting blade and serrated on blade top
5.5 inches macarta handle length
Full Tang- gives the knife the most in strength and durability
Mosaic Pin in handle
Two Brass pins for enforced strength
Lanyard hole in blade
Twist pattern Damascus Steel

DamascusSteel: 15N20 & 1095
Comes with genuine cow leather designed sheath split opening at top of sheath, with belt loop and 2 strap fastener snaps
Blade was heat treated to attain hardness
Hardness 58 to 60 HRC
Damascus steel blade 227 layers

May have cosmetic scratches or flaws due to the fact that this is 100% handmade.

Damascus History:
The Damascus steel blades are reputed to be not only tough but sharp and resilient edge. Damascus steel is placed in layers and heated and fused together by hammering. The steel is folded and this arduous process is repeated until hundreds of layers are achieved. It may be then twisted and reheated and flattened again. this produces patterns in the steel which is stunning in its natural design. The folds that cross the cutting edge, hard then soft, hard then soft, create a saw like serrated, edge. This in addition gives Damascus its sharpness. It’s especially relevant to add Damascus knives, viewed by some to be superior to stainless steel knives. These handmade knives are uniquely made and no one knife is ever like the other, giving each knife it’s original character.

19″ Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass Bolster


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Knife Care Tips:
Care Damascus steel properly to prevent rust.
To prevent rust here are some tips; do not store machete for long periods in the leather sheath. If you wash the machete, do so in warm soapy water. Therefore, do not soak machete in water. Wash and dry immediately. Oil or wax the blade to prevent rust also wrap in a soft cloth and store. Wipe excess oil or wax before placing in the leather sheath.

For long term storage, store machete with the leather sheath, not in it. Do not use oils with silicone in it, as this can cause rust. If rust appears, rub the blade with a metal polish like Brasso or a very fine steel wool, then oil or wax the blade. Wood handles usually benefit from a light coating of furniture wax and a good hand rubbing. In conclusion here are some recommended oils and waxes for the protection and lubrication of the blade. Camellia oil, mineral oil, carnauba wax or simple vaseline. While some may rather use other oils and applications, these are safe to use and will not harm you if you were to have residue on the blade while some other applications maybe harmful if consumed. Also, for chef knives, you can simply use cooking oil.

19″ Damascus Handmade Full Tang, Steel Blade Machete Kukri Brass Bolster

As a result want you to enjoy your purchase of your new machete and to always be careful and use caution with all knives. Never misuse your machete. With proper care and usage, your machete will last for generations.We would like to take this opportunity and Thank You for your business and welcome your feedback. Hence, if there is anything we can do for you to make your experience better to be the best ever. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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