Skinners hunting tools, generally used for skinning game. The blades of skinner are short and wide, edges are strong with less flexibility.  Custom Skinner knives are made with carbon fiber steel, stainless steel, D2 steel, fixed blade. Custom skinner Knives are sold with different handle materials. handles can be wood handles like rosewood handled skinners, olive wood handle skinners, walnut wood skinners. Ebony wood custom skinner knives, snake wood handle skinners  and hardwood and colored wood. Find skinners with different Damascus hand forged Skinner, Steel patterns such as twist, raindrop, fire, feathered and much more.

Unique in designs of Damascus steel patterns make Damascus knives on a whole unique by nature. Damascus Steel patterns are never duplicate because of it’s uniquely form patterns during the forging process. Buying a Damascus steel skinner is owning an original pattern that is never duplicated. Although Damascus skinners knife require a bit of care it is by far a well worth purchase with owning a unique Damascus Steel custom skinner knives. On a whole handmade skinners are great to own and our store Damascus Outlet you can find skinners to suit your needs in Damascus Steel, D2 Steel and 440 C. One stop shop for all your hunting needs, hand forged Skinner.

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