Custom folding pocket knives are genuine handmade knives made with different handle types for instance such as camel bone, stag handle pocket folding knives USA and wood handle. Rosewood, olive wood, walnut wood, ebony wood, snake wood handle knives some of the wood handles we offered.

Top quality folding knives uniquely custom made by hand and offers so many different styles and designs. Compact and easy to carry and use can be daily. Bringing the best knives to customers that requires something other than a usual folding knife. Great usage from everyday use knives, back lock and liner locks used in our folding knives. Customizable to your needs and uniquely made with our customers use in mind. Damascus Steel Folding knife

Affordable knives, compact and made to be durable and strong for daily usage. Tough portable folding knives that also looks genuinely amazing.

Folding knives customizable genuine Damascus Steel, D2 steel or 440C blades. However, Damascus Steel blades offers a variety of pattern designs all which uniquely original and not duplicated. This forging process of the Damascus Steel blades which will make the unique patterns originals. Raindrop, twist, fire, ladder and feathered are some Damascus patterns used. In conclusion Shop Damascus Outlet for all your custom pocket folding knives needs in the USA.

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