8 Unavoidable Uses of Damascus Folding Knives

The history and flair of folding knives are stretched over centuries. The Damascus knives are often presented while slicing a hair in two in the legends. The latest ways of manufacturing custom knives involve forgoing together several layers to steel to create a sharp and strong blade. These handmade knives of Damascus steel can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to the following.


It is an unforgivable act to camp without a knife. There are a number of things that have to be done with a pocket knife. From cutting or ropes to the roasting of hot dogs, the folding knife is the imperative need. Most importantly, one may have to fight a brown bear in the cold outside in emergencies.

Opening the Boxes:

Opening canned objects is really a tough job. There is more exhausting experience than struggling the gifts boxes on Christmas morning. Only if you are carrying a trustable Damascus steel knife, these hard boxes can be tore-apart and one can enjoy the gifts. With the wide variety of blades, this multipurpose instrument can be used for opening other things like letters and packages as well.


Culture vultures can’t help exploring the fishing spots. From cutting line to the removal of hooks, the Damascus folding knife is the real companion. This sharp buddy is also quite useful to slice down your prey into delicious pieces of healthy protein as well.

First Aid:

            Folding knives are also useful for opening the bandages. One can cut the tapes and get the bullets out from the wounds in worse scenarios. Moreover, in the case of worst circumstances, the same pocket knife can be used to cut the ropes of hostages.

Peeling the Fruits:

This is surely among one of the obvious uses of knives. But, the Damascus knife can even cut the tough guys like coconut as well. A folding knife is a great tool to demonstrate the art of manliness.


Holding the arms is strictly prohibited in several states. But, a knife is a thing that one can always carry to keep away the con men from you. For example, if a girl finds herself in a vulnerable and sticky position, there is nothing wrong with slowing down the attackers moves with a handmade knife.

Cutting Wires:

A pair of scissors is often a little tricky to carry and often no safer to use. This is where the portable folding knives come in. They can be used for cutting the wires and opening locked bags whose keys are lost on the trip. This multipurpose instrument would turn out to be your life savior.

Trim Loose Threads on Your Clothing:

This might sound a little funny but, a knife can be quite handy when one cannot call a tailor in a party to cut that itchy tag of the new vest or underwear. One always has to be cautious in such a situation that could be embarrassing. Keeping a pocket knife all the time allows you to have an immediate solution to masses of problems.

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  1. Joe Ball


    Rey interested in the Damascus pocket knives for camping purposes.

    1. Joe Ball


      Very interested in Damascus knives both folders and fixed blade.

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