6 Facts that Make Damascus Wedding Rings Unique

Metal smiting is something not known to everybody. Damascus wedding rings are customized rings made with hands. They are made with the same metal that was used to make samurai swords.

The Unknown Origin makes it unique:

The exact origin of the craft is still unknown. The craft was gradually shifted from making of superior weaponry to eye-catching jewelry. The name of craft stems from Syrian blacksmiths. Although most of the technologies in its manufacturing were lost. But, researchers have burnt the midnight oil to work out some of its original techniques of creation. The modern research claims that there were carbon nano tubes, nano wires, exotic micro alloying elements in the original designs. The modern techniques not only include all these elements but also other high-tech elements.

The Immaculate Composition of Rings:

The composition of Damascus rings speaks for its quality. There are two alternating types of stainless steel i.e. 302 and AEB-L used in it. The master craftsmen heat, twist and then fold the metal layers to generate some vivid patterns. The patterning of metal is done such that there could be hundred different layers of metal in every finished Damascus ring. In this way, no two Damascus steel rings can be termed as identical. Each and every piece of the ring is 100% unique from others.

The Quality Speaking volumes for uniqueness:

 The slow cylindrical process of putting the metal layers together makes the Damascus rings to have unique properties. They have increased strength, hardness, better resistance to shattering and the unique ability to be improved to a resilient edge for a unique finish. Despite the fact that all the Damascus rings will be having high quality, like fingerprints, they will not be having the exact same design.

The Diversity of Patterns:

The standard Damascus ring comes up with a basic twist pattern. This is the same pattern used to make knives for the kitchen. On the other hand, there could be could be 7 to 8 different patterns that the customer would like. Different patterns require a different level of effort. Therefore, the price of all the patterns is not the same. Price is the function of the structural complexity of rings.

Multiple Finishes:

Handmade wedding bands come up with multiple finishes with unique features. For example, Acid finish lightens over time. This makes it resemble the dull polish. The bead blast finish can be worn faster and a unique matte look can be observed.

Good Usability:

There are some considerations while using the Damascus steel items. First of all, this should not be used by those allergic to nickel which is used in the process. Damascus wedding bands and rings should be avoided to contact with the harsh chemical and salt water. Exposure to the strong oxidizing agents makes it vulnerable to get rusted. It is quite easy to use Damascus steel in normal conditions. It can be incorporated into contemporary metals. This can be inlaid in the sleeves of band and center of the rings.

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