10 HandMade Custom Damascus Chef Knife

10 HandMade Custom Damascus Chef Knife

Here we have Damascus knives product reviews for you. We have some great products for your usage. Try them up. Durable and sharp knives are here, great looking knife handles are here as well. Prices of these products are mentioned too. So if you like any one of these products, go and get them, put them in your cart. Reviews of these products are written below for your further guidance and decision-making phase:

  1. 11″ Hand Forged Custom Damascus Steel Knife with Sheep Horn Handle


Damascus Steel Machete Knives

This product has a price of $48.00. It is 100% handmade. You can customize it as well. This product comes with beautiful looking sheep horn and a great pattern. Those customers who have purchased this product, they are extremely satisfied with it. Free and fast shipping is available. The overall length of this knife is 11 inches, it has 6.5 inches in length Damascus steel blade and its ladder has been patterned with a full tang blade. Its sheep horn handle is of 4.5 inches.

  1. 15″ Custom Handmade D2 Steel Machete Mosaic Pin Rosewood Handle

This particular product has a price of $65.00 . This knife handle is purely and 100% handmade. It comprises of a D2 steel and a mosaic pin. Free, fast shipping is right there available at their end. Note down that 15 inches is the overall length of this subjected knife and its D2 steel blade is 9 inches in length. Its rosewood and mosaic handle is 6 inches.

  1. 13″ Custom Handmade Damascus Chef Knife with Rose Wood Handle

Next one product is $45.00. This chef knife that comes with a rosewood handle, it is made with a unique design. Its blade length is 8.2 inches and this knife handle length is 5 inches. This product comes in a twisted pattern and its hardness level is about 55 to 60. Its sheath is made of genuine in form cow leather.

  1. Custom Hand Forged Damascus steel Chopper Rose Wood Handle

Hand forged Damascus steel chopper

Next one product has the price of $28.00. It has a leather sheath and great customer satisfaction reviews are being received by this product. You will get a free shipping if you have decided to buy this product. This Custom Handmade Damascus Chopper Rose Wood Handle blade length is 2 x 5 inches and its handle length is exactly 1.8 x 3.5 inches. We know that D2 Steel is a rust-resistant kind of steel that is why this product will be able to retain for a much longer time.

  1. Custom Handmade D2 steel chef Knife with Stainless Steel and Buffalo Horn Handle

D2 steel chef knife

This subjected product has a total price of $45.00. This product is right now in stock. You will be offered a free shipping on buying this product. 6.5 inches is its blade length and 5 inches is its handle length. 55 to 60 is its hardness level and its sheath is purely made of a cow leather.

  1. Hand Forged Damascus Twist Pattern Steel Chef Knife Leather Handle 14 Inches

Custom handmade Damascus Chef Knife Leather Handle

This next product has $58.00 price. Its Damascus steel blade length is 13.8 inches and 9 inches long steel blade, this blade is in the twisted pattern. Its leather handle is 4.8 inches. Its sheath comes with this cow leather material and this sheath as well comes with a secure and front fastened belt loop.

  1. Custom Handmade Damascus Chef Knife with Vangee Wood Handle

This product has an exact price of $45.00. This product blade length is 8.2 inches and notes that 5 inches are its handle length. Damascus steel is used in its manufacturing process. and the pattern is completely and wholly twisted. Its hardness figures are 55 to 60.

  1. Handmade D2 Steel Stainless Steel 3 Pc Knife Set Buffalo Horn


We have next one product review for you and this product has a price of $ 85.00. It is handmade and customized designs are available in this category. It has a buffalo handle. Its full tang blades are available in lengths 7 inches, 7.3 inches, 6.2 inches. It is because of its full tang blades that you shall see a fuller and complete strength in these knives. This knife can mainly be used as a chef knife but you can use it for routine tasks as well.

  1. Handmade Damascus Chef Knives Set Brass Bolster Bone Handle 3 Custom pcs set

It has a price of $125.00. This product patterned steel blades are mainly available in 8.5 inches, 6 inches, and 5.5 inches in lengths. Its handles are either of 5 inches, 4.5 inches or 4 inches in their lengths. Use these knives freely as chef knives or as everyday knives. Its blades are being heat treated so that maximum hardness can be attained.

  1. New Handmade Damascus Chef Knives Set (4-Pieces) Rosewood Handle


The last product we have for you and its price is $120.00. It is a 4 piece set and leather sheath is included as well. Its blade lengths are of 7, 8 inches and 8, 9 inches. Its handle lengths are of 5, 5, 5, 5 inches each.

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