Men’s Custom Damascus Damascus Steel Wedding Gold color Engagement band 8mm wide


  • Pattern: Twist handmade
  • genuine Damascus Bands Gold Color
  • Size:  all size will be custom made if not available 3 to 5 weeks
  • Width: 8mm
  • This Wedding don’t tarnish and rust.
  • Material :Full Damascus steel Red-oak wood

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Damascus steel Band mens

Dome style Wedding engagement  RedOak wood and full Damascus Steel

These are custom rings and there is a waiting time. Please send us a message of the size needed to info@DamascusOutlet.com

This Wedding band don’t tarnish and rust.

We have made a  limited amount of this Contemporary Damascus steel rings if you need a specific size please send us message. All rings are handmade NEVER machine made so no rings are exactly the same in pattern.

Twist Pattern With Multiple layers.

Color;  Gold /Red Oak wood

Size :  we make all

Width: 8mm

Damascus steel Band mens

Mens Damascus band

  • Damascus steel is truly warrior metal. If you’re going to wear a ring daily, why not choose one that stands out as powerful and exclusive to you? Damascus steel rings have proven, the time-honored quality that any man can appreciate in the modern age.

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