Damascus Steel Tumbled Rock twist Men Ring,Size (11) 20.6 wedding engagement Band

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Material:  Full Damascus steel

Sizes: Various

Width: 8mm

Pattern:  Tumbled rocked twist

Gender:     Male

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Damascus Steel Tumbled Rock twist Men Ring

Damascus Steel Tumbled Rock twist Men Ring

Size:   10, 11,12 & 13

If you do not see the size you are interested in. Please contact us, we custom make all sizes and widths.

Width:  8 mm

Material:  Damascus steel

Pattern :  Tumbled Rock Twist

Damascus steel was a type of steel used in Middle Eastern sword making. This steel was created from wool steel, a steel developed in the Middle East around 300 BC. In addition, Damascus rings are characterized as having distinctive patterns of banding. As a result this beautiful Damascus steel ring is handmade from two different types of high quality Damascus steel this is twisted and layered into this unique characterized pattern. Resulting, in these patterns being stunning in design making each ring it’s own original and bearing it’s own character. Thus making no Damascus steel ring is ever be like the other. Damascus steel  created with different grades of steel being bonded together and later acid treated to create a unique pattern. Hence the pattern is all the way through so you will never have to worry about the design wearing away. Damascus Steel Tumbled Rock twist Men Ring.

-Two grades of stainless steel fused together.                                                                                                                                                       -Dark gray color with lighter contrast.                                                                                                                                                                   -Heat and acid etched for a unique design.

Note: No ring or band carry the exact design as the other featured here. The is because each design and pattern is a unique work of art with each having it’s own signature Damascus fingerprint for you to enjoy as it’s original.

Damascus rings are susceptible to rust. You should avoid excessive sweat and moisture while wearing the ring.

When you purchase a Damascus ring or band you always know that what you have purchased is not only long lasting but you have a unique design and it’s own originality.

**Purchase with confidence knowing all our rings are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


10, 11, 12, 13

1 review for Damascus Steel Tumbled Rock twist Men Ring,Size (11) 20.6 wedding engagement Band

  1. Michael Bois

    This is an amazing work of art. I am very happy with my purchase! Their customer service is better than I have ever seen anywhere else. I would 100% recommend their product

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