Handmade Damascus steel Folding Knife FLAMED Bone handle Custom Pocket knife


  • Pocket knife Damascus steel Knife
  • Under lock, steel bolster with FLAMED Bone
  • Folding Collectible knife
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Handmade Damascus steel Folding Knife FLAMED Bone handle Custom Pocket knife

   Handmade Damascus steel Folding Knife Flamed bone handle Pocket knife

Blade length : 3.5  inches

Handle length : 4.2  inches

Steel: Damascus

Pattern : Twist

under Lock

Hardness: 55 to 60

  Layer: 256 HRC

Sheath: Genuine cow leather

Knife Care Tips:
Care Damascus steel properly to prevent rust.
To prevent rust here are some tips; do not store knife for long periods in the leather sheath. If you wash the knife, do so in warm soapy water. Therefore, do not soak knife in water. Wash and dry immediately. Oil or wax the blade to prevent rust also wrap in a soft cloth and store. Wipe excess oil or wax before placing in the leather sheath.

For long term storage, store knife with the leather sheath, not in it. Do not use oils with silicone in it, as this can cause rust. If rust appears, rub the blade with a metal polish like Brasso or a very fine steel wool, then oil or wax the blade. Wood handles usually benefit from a light coating of furniture wax and a good hand rubbing. In conclusion, some recommended oils and waxes for the protection and lubrication of the blade. Camellia oil, mineral oil, Barnaul wax or simple Vaseline. While some may rather use other oils and applications, these are safe to use and will not harm you if you were to have residue on the blade while some other applications maybe harmful if consumed. Also, for chef knives, you can simply use cooking oil.

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